Competition Info

MRDC 2018

Each round will consist of four individual teams competing against each other. Each team will attempt to score as many points as possible by scoring soccer balls in the team soccer ball goals and/or scoring foam balls in the center bin.

The course layout and game pieces are detailed below.


(1) Pulley Box (30 points)

Teams must pull a rope downwards 40 inches. If released, the rope will reset itself to the starting position. Once pulled far enough, eight foam balls are dispensed out of the side of the box.

Flying robots may instead pull the top rope for pulley activation.

(3) Sequencing Game (25 points)

To obtain the soccer balls, the team must complete a sequencing game by pressing a random sequence of four buttons, indicated by the green LEDs. Doing so successfully will activate the soccer ball dispenser.

soccer ball goal

(5) Soccer Ball Goal (15 points per team soccer ball)

To score the soccer balls, teams must deposit the soccer balls in the soccer ball goals, which requires holding the hanging door open. Flying robots may score soccer balls via the top basketball hoop.


(2) Center Bin (10 points per foam ball)

Teams must deposit foam balls in the center bin. They may additionally remove other teams’ balls from the center bin to prevent their scoring.


(4) Soccer Ball Dispenser

When the sequencing game is completed, the soccer ball dispenser will release four team-specific soccer balls for capture.

(6) Neutral Ball (20 points)

The neutral ball is mounted on top of the center bin and may be knocked down at any time by any team for scoring in the same method as team soccer balls.

Additionally, 5 points may be awarded to a team for assisting robots stuck in the course.