What is MRDC?

TEAMS: Note that MRDC 2020 takes place later than usual (March 27-28)

This student-run annual robotics competition lasts two days and features great ingenuity displayed by all participating teams. This competition started in 1987, making it one of the oldest continuing robotics competitions in America, predating both Battlebots and FIRST Robotics by several years. 

The course involves the traversal of various obstacles to obtain game pieces. These game pieces will be rolled, thrown, or dropped into their respective goals, in order to score points. Each year there is a plethora of robot types, ranging from wheeled and manually-controlled robots, to autonomous robots and quadcopters. The arena is a raised platform with several different tiers. Obstacles can include moats, tunnels, and massive teeter totters. At the end of a competition there is an optional demolition round, in which robots can obliterate each other in a free for all frenzy to the last robot moving. 

Media from 2019's Competition

MRDC 2019 Livestream